Friday, 8 July 2011

Chicks Surf!

Coming from Australia surfing is an ingrained part of our culture; it makes sense, we are surrounded by ocean. Whilst Kristin who is the other half of this blog grew up in the Swedish countryside, I grew up on the beach. I am not a very good surfer, but I married one!! I found these images on weheartit and it makes me miss summer! Well I survived winter solstice so Summer is that bit closer!!

The last image is from google. Puberty Blues is a classic Aussie surf flick from 1981 directed by Bruce Beresford who is better known for the iconic flick Mao's Last Dancer. There is a famous line in the movie "Chicks don't surf"....hence my contradictory title! If you get the opportunity watch this flick!
Have a great weekend!! x


  1. i really wish i could surf! lovely pics!

  2. Coming from Brazil, we have that conection with the ocean too!!! I'm not that good surfer, but I married one myself too!!!hahah ;) and love that summer spirit.!!! Hope this summer come soon. Miss it so much!!!!

    warm kisses from Brazil.
    xoxo, bruna.

  3. oh my god, this post just broke my heart~ I miss surfing so so so much, beautiful pictures!

    now I'm back into thinking of sea ~~~~~~


  4. i just saw that i'm featured on your 'blogs we love' list.
    you girls are so cute! it made me smile, so thank youuu.
    gosh, i wish i could surf. these images are amazing. x.

  5. I think we are all in need of a surfing holiday by the sounds of things!! Hope you are all having a ripper of a weekend lovelies xx