Thursday, 30 June 2011

Brazilian Cousins.....mixing the old with the new!!!

Brazil!!!! One word....WOW!!! Brazil is without a doubt one of my all time favourite travel destinations. It's the sexiest country you will ever visit....can a country be sexy I hear you ask???!!!!....hell yeah! Brazil also offers a stream of endless adventures for any kind of traveler. It is blessed with beautiful scenery, food, history as well as a melting pot of cultures. 

These photographs are of my beautiful cousin Amber and I who both visited Brazil separately a little over ten years apart. I was there in the late 90's!! It seems like forever ago, yet I still remember it vividly. My photographs were taken with a Canon ELPH which used APS film. Very retro...well kind of!! I am sure you will be able to tell the difference between my "Old Skool" photographs and Ambers digital images. 

Both Amber and I LOVE Brazil and I would recommend you add this little gem to your next holiday destination....word of advice....if you want to fit in, go local with the bikinis otherwise you will completely stand out!! Do not be afraid to don those little itsy bitsy "biquini's"!! Everyone does it in Brazil no matter what your shape or size! Go your ticket!!

Thanks Amber for your photos! xx

Tchau...Tamara xx


  1. Tamaraaa!!!!
    what a beautiful post!!!
    love to know that u had a great time here in Brazil! Hope u can come back soon. I live in south Brazil... and if u want to come visit us... u'll be more than welcome. ;)
    Love the pics and everything that u think about my country...
    Have a beutiful day!!!!
    beijos e um lindo dia pra vocĂȘ!
    tchau. ;)
    xoxo, bruna.

  2. Awwww thanks for the invite Bruna!! Same goes if you come to Oz! Yes I absolutely loved Brazil, and so did my cousin....and would love to come back soon!!Its truly is an amazing country!! xx Beijos Tamara