Sunday, 19 June 2011

Faces of India

During my travels I always make an effort to engage with the locals, the people who I believe are the heart and soul of a nations culture; India did not disappoint .....out I went armed with my camera ready to capture an expression, a moment, a thought....a smile.....I got it all! The wonderful people of India were only to happy to model for me, in fact I was asked if I could take their picture...just so they could see their faces captured in a moment on the camera display. I wish I could have developed the photos then and there so I could give them their smile, their expression on paper. You have never seen faces light up so much after you show them their photo. Something so simple made them so happy. You forget those kinds of moments living in a wealthy country. Sometimes we get caught up in our own rat race and we forget to "smell the roses" so to speak. There are seven photos above of twelve people .....twelve faces etched with twelve stories. After experiencing the warmth beaming from these beautiful faces I certainly learned how to smell the roses once again...

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