Monday, 27 June 2011

Middle East Souk part 1

I used to live in the Middle East and so did Kristin. That's where our friendship began. There is nothing more we loved than venturing through the souks. The photos above are of a recent adventure to Qatar to see family. I could wander aimlessly forever through these markets. It's a feast for the senses. Narrow alley ways scattered with interesting little shops filled with trinkets, the smell of spices lingering in the air , the mystical sound of prayer call echoing in the distance......yep I love it here :)


  1. looove your purse!!! Just beautiful!
    and this place must be greatt... only beutiful thigs. ;)
    would love to go there some day!!!!!!!!!
    kisses from Brazil,
    xoxo, Bruna.

  2. Thanks Bruna....the purse is from India...I love it too!!! xox

  3. Love your bag!great colour!!

    Your blog looks great, you all look like your having so much fun and its summer where you are!!! Yay! its winter where I am so no beach unfortunatly!xx

  4. Thank you!! I am actually in Australia now...I was in the Middle East 6 weeks ago...I travel around a lot so get to escape some of winter every now and then!! Tamara x

  5. haha that is very clever! I have a friend that does the same thing she escapes to Italy in winter for their summer! xx