Thursday, 4 August 2011

Miami...need I say more??!!! (Via iletaitunefois)

Ok, I have a slight obsession with the USA.....and one city in particular that I am a big fan of is Miami, so when I saw these photo's on the rockin' blog iletaitunefois I had to knick (aussie colloquial slang for take!!) them and re-blog!!!  So thank you Miss B for posting them in the first place! 
Photos are from hot Aussie swimwear label We Are Handsome via The Vine
PS If you have not been to need to go!!


  1. It's heaps funny that you have an obsession with the USA because I have an obsession with Oz! I lived in Sydney for awhile, and I want to bring back more of the culture to the States. I miss it so much! Awesome blog lady. I'm your newest follower for sure!

  2. woot woot!! so fucken rad arent they?!! babe i have the biggest obsession with America too hehe! im yet to get there though.. next year will be the year!! ;) hope you havin a fab weekend pretty xxx