Thursday, 11 August 2011

Stuff to inspire

Image 1 Russh, image 2 -3 tumblr, image 4 - 6 i love jimmy fish, image 7 LF stores, image 8 The Coveteur, image 9 Insight, image 10 - 11 Russh, image 12 -13 google, image 14 Elin Kling, image 15 i love jimmy fish


  1. an inspiration for sure!!!
    every pic has its beauty!!!
    like Andy Warhol says "there's beauty in everything, just not everybody sees it". ;)
    Promess to do a post with brazilian bikinis. hahah.. when summer begins. ;) soon i'll do a "me post". hihih. woring on it. ;)
    always love your sweet coments in my blog!!!
    thaks a lot!!

  2. Great collection of pictures, they're all gorgeous! xo

  3. ooh, i l o v e those pink lee shorts. they're so cute.
    also loving the white dress in the 11th shot.

    ps. sooo cannot wait to wear crochet shorts in spring either! counting down the days. x.