Sunday, 7 August 2011

This is why I travel

My friend Dan who was one of the amazing people I traveled around India with just sent me these photographs. I was going to post some fashion photos tonight on i love jimmy fish when I thought, no, I need to share these photographs, the expressions, a moment of true happiness captured in such an epic place, India of course. Photos like these really bring you back to earth. The simplicity of taking a photo brought an abundance of laughter and smiles from these beautiful peoples faces. Something so simple made these guys smile from ear to ear. Unfortunately many people in Western countries forget to smell the roses so to speak. I am guilty of this myself.

The men in these photographs have so little in the way of material objects yet they were so happy to joke around with us and allow us into their world. Dan and I were the only Westerners wandering around the docks of Mangalore, which is not really a destination high on a travelers list. We felt like celebrities. It was an amazing experience. I sound like a broken record but if you do just one thing, go to India. It will change you. And that is a positive statement.

It's photos like these that remind me of why I continue to travel the earth. For I have been "blessed" with the travelers curse, which is quite a paradox don't you think??

Hope these pics put a smile on your dial......over and out....the gypsy :)

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  1. amaizing photos!!! the expressions on their faces... is just so beautiful!!!
    Love the pics!!! and the feelings!!!
    have a great and beautiful day!!!
    xoxo, bruna.